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  1. I have not played that game in a long time, I wonder what kind of Lamborghinis they have in the game now.
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    Hello, I am looking for someone who is willing to work on managing the front end of the website. No coding experience is required and is easy to learn. I will provide training. I am requesting only one or maybe two people for the job. I am looking for the following skill sets. Knowledge in graphical (Is a plus) Creative Talent Good Writing Skills Grammar Spelling Active with the community Self Dependent/Self Driven Come up with you're own idea's Getting request done at a decent timeframe A Brain (Is a must no exceptions.) 😉 In the application please tell me a little about you're skillset. I will reach out to you on discord to set up a time and discussion for the interview with the timeframe provided in the application. Thanks for taking the time to read my application! @ Kirby
  3. Changed Status to Rejected
  4. During this time we have no intention to share the function of the bot for the discord. There is a possibility of abuse with the bot and if you want music to be played just ask a director first. We can review this at a later time.
  5. Changed Status to Under Review
  6. Changed Status to Rejected
  7. Kirby

    Call of Duty 2 V 2

    I think it was a great turn out and was fun and interesting!
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    We will be giving away 2 free tubs of your choice for Juggernaut Energy!!! Welcome Juggernaut to the ELG Family! The winners will be announced on 8/15/2020 at 9 PM Eastern time zone. Promo Code https://juggernautenergy.com/collections/tubs Good luck!
  9. Kirby

    Call of Duty 2 V 2

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