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  5. Hey how's it going ELG family, just joined up recently hoping to better myself and others. If you want to runs some games hmu for sure. I play just about everything, but mainly Halo and sometimes COD (warzone) so if your looking for extra players lmk. Gt: JediMasterSaint PSN: JediSentinel_90
  6. Yes you can create clubs, an admin will approve it.
  7. Are we allowed to create new clubs on our own or are new clubs created by the admins?
  8. I usually play Call of duty or even variety games
  9. I need a going live gif created for my twitter posts everytime I go live!!!
  10. So..... Hello everyone I’m bearfuscogg but call me bear! I’m 18 years old and a senior in high school! I stream on twitch weekly depending on my school schedule! Come check me out twitch.tv/bearfuscogg I stream from my ps4 but sometimes I’ll go to my buddies house and stream from his gaming pc! But hopefully in the near future I stream on a pc of my own!! How I joined elg is my friend @Kaeda joined couple weeks ago and I’ve been searching for a org to join so I dm @Fates End and we interviewed and he liked my ethic and grind! Glad to be part of elg and this is my family!
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    Hi Guest, Thank you for your donation of 15.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks ELG Nation
  12. COMMUNITY MEETING WHEN: This Sunday @ 6 PM EST WHERE: Meeting Room 1 TYPE: Round Table For those with questions and concerns regarding ELG Nation...I expect to see you in the meeting. As always, DMs and Private Messages are open for @everyone
  13. until
    General meeting for relayed information and feedback on community activity's.
  14. This is the official ELG Twitch
  15. Type: Giveaway


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    Welcome GamergrindCo to the ELG Family! We will be giving away 2 10oz bags of Gamergrind Coffee, 1 mug, and a shirt!! The winners will be announced on 8/07/2020 at 10 PM Eastern time zone. If you want to order some coffee use this link for your ELG Discount 🙂 https://www.gamergrind.co/?partner=elgnation
  16. @Kirby thats awesome!! Release of the channel is on my birthday!!! xD
  18. Changed Status to Rejected
  19. A Voice channel with a bot that plays constant Frank Sinatra music. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Sinatra
  20. Changed Status to Accepted It will be implemented with rules and how to for the channel in the future. Aiming for release of the channel on 7/24/2020
  21. Hello, Our newest sponsor Juggernaut Energy is hosting an open CSGO Tournament for the community to participate. If you enjoy playing CSGO in a casual or competitive way, feel free to sign up through the link below. This is a great chance for you guys to win a cash pool, but also to show some support to our newest sponsor. Here's some information on the tournament and the link to sign up: The Unstoppable series is a Bi Weekly Event Juggernaut Energy Hosts to give back to the community Prize Pool is $100 between both players http://juggernautenergy.com/CSGO
  22. Kirby

    Call of Duty 2 V 2

    I think it was a great turn out and was fun and interesting!
  23. Sup yall! My name is Billy! I was born and raised in Ohio. I'm a Marine Corps Veteran. I have an extreme passion for gaming, making new friends, and making people laugh! I do FPS/Variety streaming. Welcome to The Doghouse! A community full of awesome gamers! Glad to have you here!
  24. I am a small xbox streamer that will play with viewers. I mainly stream halo and destiny. Love meeting new people and making friends
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    We will be giving away 2 free tubs of your choice for Juggernaut Energy!!! Welcome Juggernaut to the ELG Family! The winners will be announced on 8/15/2020 at 9 PM Eastern time zone. Promo Code https://juggernautenergy.com/collections/tubs Good luck!
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