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    Position Summary: ELG is looking for an individual who is willing to participate and lead community events within our organization. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Creating polls and interacting with ELG in the discord Coming up with new idea's for community events Required Qualifications: Being able to participate in daily/weekly community events Self-Motivated Needs to be 18 or older Has to be active in ELG's discord Having a working PC is a must Education And/Or Experience Experience is preferred but not required Additional Information: This position is for only one individual but will be working side by side with DDay to run Community nights. If You Believe This Applies to You and You Want to Grow with Evolution League Gaming Apply Now!
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  6. They have aventador hurcan and many more
  7. I have not played that game in a long time, I wonder what kind of Lamborghinis they have in the game now.
  8. Honestly I want the JZX100 chaser and the Toyota Cedric in the game
  9. ELG's Community night featuring the release of a new Minecraft Server partnered through ELG | Garadin's Streaming Community. Be sure to drop in to learn more about the server, how to join, and where to start. If you have any other questions Garadin will be available all night for questions and to assist everyone at getting a chance to join the server and play the game! If you have any questions before the community night please direct your comments to Garadin's PM's on Discord. Can't wait to see you all there, ELG Staff Garadin ~ Web Design 𝓖π“ͺ𝓻π“ͺ𝓭𝓲𝓷#3741 ~ Discord
  10. Happy news years ELG family. 2020 has been a Bad Year Overall. But it’s time For New beginnings Time To Leave The Past Behind and Prep for the Future This is going to be an Amazing Year For Us I can say this for the rest of staff, thank you for making our first year Amazing We Love All of You and Cannot Wait To See What Waiting for us in the Next Year Much Love ELG Family 2021 Prepare yourself for another amazing year for ELGNation!!
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    Hello, I am looking for someone who is willing to work on managing the front end of the website. No coding experience is required and is easy to learn. I will provide training. I am requesting only one or maybe two people for the job. I am looking for the following skill sets. Knowledge in graphical (Is a plus) Creative Talent Good Writing Skills Grammar Spelling Active with the community Self Dependent/Self Driven Come up with you're own idea's Getting request done at a decent timeframe A Brain (Is a must no exceptions.) πŸ˜‰ In the application please tell me a little about you're skillset. I will reach out to you on discord to set up a time and discussion for the interview with the timeframe provided in the application. Thanks for taking the time to read my application! @ Kirby
  12. Ok
  13. Our LOL team Competed December 12th and 13th 2020! Our amazing team went 5-1 and won the tournament. Players: Melly, Holyempress, wolfy, goo ,and chutle. Congrats team well deserved win! Stay tuned for the next tournament. It will be announced in the discord or the website. Team Captain Melly sat down with me and wanted to say about this. Melly thoughts: Question: What his thoughts on how the team played Answer: "basically a little mistakes but not a lot needs work but team is gonna watch films/old gameplay before season. It was a good win but Melly thinks its a step in the direction towards the future of ELG League." Question: For people who don't know League of legends explain how the game works? Answer: "League of Legends is 5 player team based game full of champions to destroy the other teams base and claim victory. the game has over 140 champions to choose from." Question: What are your teams favorite champions Melly: Akali Holyempress: Zyra Wolfy: Yasuo Goo: Rammus Chutle: Voilbear Question: What do you see in the future of your team Answer: "Top 50 in the USA, To get ELG known, To get individual players known." Holyempress also talked about the tournament! Question: Did you feel you played good yes or no? Answer: "Times I got caught and I could've played better. But I'm proud of the overall team." Question: How do you think your team played? Answer: "I think the team did really good and got objectives but with the lack of communications they could've ended the game sooner." Question: what do you see for the future of ELG league? Answer: "Same as team captain Melly and also handle bigger competition" below is the video of the tournament! Day 1: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/827304592 Day 2: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/828500354
  14. Changed Status to Rejected
  15. During this time we have no intention to share the function of the bot for the discord. There is a possibility of abuse with the bot and if you want music to be played just ask a director first. We can review this at a later time.
  16. Changed Status to Under Review
  17. Only available to Elg Members can listen to music in a channel or a separate channel
  18. Chris


  19. ?COMMUNITY MEETING ? WHEN: This Sunday @ 6 PM EST WHERE: Meeting Room 1 TYPE: Round Table For those with questions and concerns regarding ELG Nation...I expect to see you in the meeting. As always, DMs and Private Messages are open for @everyone
  20. NightFury

    Community Meeting

    General meeting for relayed information and feedback on community activity's.
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    Welcome GamergrindCo to the ELG Family! We will be giving away 2 10oz bags of Gamergrind Coffee, 1 mug, and a shirt!! The winners will be announced on 8/07/2020 at 10 PM Eastern time zone. If you want to order some coffee use this link for your ELG Discount ? https://www.gamergrind.co/?partner=elgnation
  22. Changed Status to Rejected
  23. A Voice channel with a bot that plays constant Frank Sinatra music. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Sinatra
  24. Hello, Our newest sponsor Juggernaut Energy is hosting an open CSGO Tournament for the community to participate. If you enjoy playing CSGO in a casual or competitive way, feel free to sign up through the link below. This is a great chance for you guys to win a cash pool, but also to show some support to our newest sponsor. Here's some information on the tournament and the link to sign up: The Unstoppable series is a Bi Weekly Event Juggernaut Energy Hosts to give back to the community Prize Pool is $100 between both players http://juggernautenergy.com/CSGO
  25. Kirby

    Call of Duty 2 V 2

    I think it was a great turn out and was fun and interesting!
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